Friday, June 02, 2006

SICK: I have Mono

I'm looking for a shirt that says "Kiss Me I Have Mono"

Thursday, June 01, 2006

LIST: 9 Ways to say lets get outta here

lets make like a baby and head out
lets make like a tree and leaf
lets make like a sandwich and jam
lets make like a rock and roll
lets make like a storm, and blow
lets make like a library and book
lets make like a pantyhose and run
lets make like a hippie and blow this joint
lets make like horse manure and hit the trail

Friday, January 06, 2006

INFO: Worldwide fertility rate for 2005

I selected a number of countries from the source list. It is interesting to notice that the worldwide fertility rate for 2005 was ranked at 104 with 2.6 kids/family.

Most european and westernized countries have low ratios. Whereas 'developing' countries seem to have a lot of children born to each mother in comparison. Some correlate poverty with family size, but at least in western countries where the number of children you have is largely a personal (our a couple's) choice this does not hold. In largely agricultural societies it may be true that the more children you have the more work you can do so the more likely your family is to survive, despite having a few more mouths to feed.

RankCountryFertility Rate
1.Niger 7.55 
5.Uganda 6.74 
10.Angola 6.42 
20.Guinea 5.83 
30.Eritrea 5.2 
40.Gabon 4.77 
49.Iraq 4.28 
54.Saudi Arabia 4.05 
77.Philippines 3.16 
80.Malaysia 3.07 
89.Egypt 2.88 
110.Mexico 2.45 
112.Israel 2.44 
131.United States 2.08 
143.Brazil 1.93 
165.Australia 1.76 
155.France 1.85 
157.Iran 1.82 
160.New Zealand 1.79 
174.China 1.72 
179.United Kingdom 1.66 
186.Canada 1.61 
188.Taiwan 1.57 
193.European Union 1.47 
198.Germany 1.39 
200.Japan 1.39 
206.Greece 1.33 
215.Russia 1.27 
216.Korea, South 1.26 
224.Singapore 1.05 
226.Hong Kong 0.93 

* rates estimated for 2005 according to source