Saturday, November 12, 2005

ADVICE: How to get a girl to like you

A few tips on how to get the girl of your dreams to like you.

1. Be confident
Most girls like it when a guy acts like he's in charge. Even if you do something stupid, if you can do it in a confident way, it is still attractive. This is because women are attracted to security. If you're confident she can feel protected.

2. Don't be too emotional at first
Don't linger too long, leave her with a sense of wanting. Also, in the courting stage, feelings for guys are meant to be felt, and not shared. When you tell a girl how you really feel, unless she feels the same way she can get scared off. You need her to think she's more interested in you than you are in her. Make her earn your attention just a little bit, she'll appreciate it more.

3. Don't be too nice to her (at first)
This can scare her off. A lot of times girls like guys who are a little mean to them sometimes. This is why nice guys finish last, and why girls like jerks. Just remember, don't show her all the cards.

4. Don't get too attached (at first)
If you play like you're not emotionally attached to her its one thing, but its another if you are actually not attached. You're less likely to do something dumb or scare her away. Everytime you take two steps forward, take one step back. Of the feelings you've expressed towards her, and the feelings she's expressed towards you, there needs to be a balance. One cannot dominate the other and you still have a healthy relationship. If you like her more than she likes you don't show it yet, there will come a time.

5. Be yourself
The girl of your dreams can't fall in love with you if you're fake. If shes going to fall in love with you she has to know who 'you' are. But if you have bad habits/mannerisms fix them, don't use this as justification to avoid improving who you are. You need to improve on yourself, but don't be fake. When looking for your dream girl, it is important that you be the dream guy for her.

6. Be seen with other women (when you're single)
A roommate told me this once. It is okay to flirt with other girls than the one you are interested, and its better if the one you're interested sees it. This is because girls like a guy who is in demand. This will also help her work even more to get her to look at you.

Above all, be happy.
Even when you feel depressed, if you can choose to be upbeat, you appear less emotional (2), and appear more confident (1) and become more than you are (5).

These are some tips I learned so far this year that ought to be common sense for all guys. Doing these allow you to pick a girl with good moral standards, with a personality that matches yours, and then get her to like you. It really works. The alternative is to make a list of the girls you can tell are interested in you and hope you like one of them back. Statistically speaking this doesn't work very well.

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