Thursday, December 01, 2005

HUMOR: Follow the Instructions - Exam

Use a blank sheet of paper to take this test for each person taking this exam, you can compare answers when all have finished.
Read everything before doing anything but work as fast as you can.

1. Write your full name on the upper right hand corner.

2. Write the name of the place where you live.

3. Draw a circle around the answer to question 2.

4. Write the name of your birthplace.

5. Write the name of your favorite superstar (sports, film, etc.).

6. Draw a triangle on the lower left hand corner.

7. Underline the answer to question 5.

8. Write down your age in months.

9. State whether you are married or single.

10. Multiply your age in years by 8 and write down the product.

11. Draw an equilateral triangle on the upper left hand corner.

12. Draw an X inside this equilateral triangle.

13. When you reach this point, shout "I have!"

14. Call out loud your first name.

15. Put your hand on top of your head, close your eyes and count out loud from 10 to 1.

16. Keep your hand on top of your head and write down your favorite number.

17. Now that you have read everything before doing anything, do only question 1. Then put down your pen or pencil and if others are taking this test with you, wait for the others to finish. Do not talk!

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Anonymous said...

i found the test very interesting....i wanted to ask for your approval to pattern my instrument on the test you made...thank you very much....